Pendleton County Schools Implements "SchoolMessenger"

Pendleton County Schools is partnering with SchoolMessenger to provide notification to parents via phone messaging of upcoming events, student attendance, tardiness, parental outreach, and emergency broadcasts.

"We are pleased to have another avenue to use to inform parents and guardians of our students", Superintendent Doug Lambert stated. "Be it a reminder that the child was absent or tardy from school, an upcoming event at one of our schools, or an important notification, we feel this will add to our value of informing parents of information they might not know otherwise. It is important to point out that once a notification is needed, all homes can be called within a matter of approximately 10 minutes."

The system is programmed to call the primary phone number of parents for a variety of reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of our students. SchoolMessenger will be used to complement our emergency preparedness procedures and to inform parents of upcoming county and school events such as statewide testing and parent meetings. In the future we hope to customize messages by school and bus routes.

SchoolMessenger offers real value to the county system and is proven to measurably impact student safety, parental involvement, staff communications and student attendance. Financing came primarily through county safe school funds.

It is important to note that this system will not replace current modes of school communication; it will simply be another tool in the information tool box.
Principals will still be accessible, newsletters will still be sent home, teachers will still be making calls when needed, and interim reports will continue to be published.

SchoolMessenger, with the recently activated Internet based EdLine, gives Pendleton County Schools additional ways to inform our partners in education, the teachers, parents, and children. It is intended to reinforce the county commitment to remain personally connected to parents regarding children.

The system will be operational with attendance and tardy based calls in the next week, with the capability to call regarding upcoming events and announcements soon to follow.