Services for Exceptional and Disabled Students

Pendleton County Schools provides services to Exceptional/Disabled Students. The school system seeks to locate and identify children and youth, ages three through twenty-one years, who may have developmental delays or exceptionalities and may need special education and related services.

Special education is any special instruction, at no cost to parents, designed to meet the unique educational needs of an eligible exceptional student. These services include instruction conducted in the classroom, home, hospitals and institutions, and in other settings; and instruction in physical education. Policy 2419: Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students is the State Board of Education approved regulations that governs the programs and services for the education of exceptional students in West Virginia.

The term "exceptional children" is used to describe those children and young adults between the ages of three through twenty-one years, who differ from the average child in learning or academic characteristics and who need special education services. The term includes both children with disabilities and children who are gifted.

A list of exceptionalities follows:
Autism, Behavior Disorders, Blind and Partially Sighted, Deaf-Blindness,
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, Gifted, Mentally Impaired, Orthopedically Impaired,
Other Health Impaired, Preschool Special Needs, Specific Learning Disabilities,
Speech/Language Impairments, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Individual Education Program (IEP) is the heart of the planning process for the special education student. It is a plan that is developed by you and other members of the IEP team to address your child's strengths and needs.
Related services are specific support services provided for students with disabilities to help them benefit and be successful in their special education instructional program.

If you would like more information on services for exceptional students through Pendleton County Schools you can contact your principal at your local school; call Diana Smith at the Parent-Educator Resource Center 358-7072 or contact Don Bucher at the Central Office 358-7065.