John M. Dice Chapter
of the National Honor Society

Chapter Adviser: Misty Campbell

National Honor Society Requirements:


1) Student must have a cumulative 3.25 GPA at the end of their 10th or 11th grade year.

2) Student must fill out Student Activity Information Form.

3) Student then ranked by faculty on a 1-4 scale with regards to service, leadership, and character.

4) Rankings are then added for a total. The total is then divided by the total number of responses.

5) Those students who average 2.0 or better are then discussed by the NHS Faculty Committee.

6) Students who do not receive at least half of the teacher responses are not elegible.

7) Confirmation is made by the NHS Faculty Committee and parents are then notified of students' selection.

8) Students who are selected are then expected to adhere to the mandates of the NHS and the local by-laws. Any member can at any time be disciplined by the school chapter, and for serious breaches of conduct can be removed.


Chapter Activities:

Each year every NHS chapter is required to create and carry out a community or school educational service project. This usually consists of members going to the elementary schools and reading to kindergarten or first grade classes.

The annual member induction and new officer induction ceremony is in April or May.

For more information visit the Official Site of the National Honor Society
and the National Junior Honor Society.