J.D. Wilkins

Board President

Year First Elected: 2004

Occupation: Mortgage & Commercial Loan Officer for the Grant County Bank

in Petersburg

“Education is our opportunity to make more valuable our community’s most important resource, our children.”

Sonny O'Neil

Vice President

Year First Elected: 1998

Reelected: 2008

Occupation: Retired Safety Director/Dispatcher for

Hinkle Trucking

“My goal is to make sure every student has the education 
needed to succeed in whatever they desire to do in life”

Teresa Heavner

Board Member

Year First Elected: 2010

Occupation: Personal Banker for Pendleton Community Bank in Franklin

“Focusing on the needs of our children —
together we can help them prepare for the future.

Betty Kimble

Board Member

Year First Elected: 2008

Occupation: Owner/Operator along with her husband, Ronnie, of Fox's Pizza Den in Brandywine

“Unity is an important attribute to any organization. 
I hope we can work together to make positive decisions 
that will influence the lives of our children in Pendleton county.
Remember — together we can make a difference.
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the school board”

Charlie Burgoyne

Board Member

Year First Elected: 2018


Retired WVDHHR

“Education is key to a successful future, and needs to keep pace with changing employment needs.”


Pendleton County Board of Education

& Central Office

PO BOX 888 | 58 Walnut Street

Franklin, WV 26807

Administration: (304)358-2207

Special Education: (304)358-7065

Finance: (304)358-3303

Central Office: (304)358-7072

FAX: (304)358-2936

Pendleton County Board Annex

PO BOX 888 | 241 High Street

Franklin, WV 26807

Office: (304)358-7072

FAX: (304)358-2013

Brandywine Elementary School

PO BOX 247 | 11480 Blue Gray Trail

Brandywine, WV 26802

Office: (304)249-5381

FAX: (304)249-5226

Principal: Barbara Whitecotton

Franklin Elementary School

PO BOX 848 | 67 South Branch St

Franklin, WV 26807

Office: (304)358-2206

FAX: (304)358-7628

Principal: Carol Clay

North Fork Elementary School

PO BOX 186 | 189 Price Way

Circleville, WV 26804

Office: (304) 567-3193

FAX: (304) 567-3196

Principal: John Jenkins

Pendleton County Middle/High School

PO BOX 40 | 409 Maple Avenue

Franklin, WV 26807

Office: (304) 358-2573

FAX: (304) 358-7701

Principal: Lori Moore

Asst. Principal: Carrie Nesselrodt

Access Center: (304) 358-3875 (Eastern)

Vocational: (304) 358-7086

Athletic: (304) 358-2155


Pendleton County Schools

PO Box 888 | 58 Walnut Street 

Franklin, WV 26807

Phone: (304)358-2207

FAX: (304) 358-2936


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