Attendance Policy
The Pendleton County School System is charged with the responsibility of providing for the intellectual, social, physical & emotional needs of all students. In order to do this in a manner that reflects equity & consistency, it is imperative that certain policies & procedures be communicated to all parents and students of Pendleton County Schools. 

WV Code 18-8-11 Section (C) For the purposes of this section, "withdrawal" shall be defined as more than ten consecutive or fifteen total unexcused absences during a single year. For the purpose of this section, suspension or expulsion from school or imprisonment in a jail or penitentiary is not a circumstance beyond the control or such a person.

A Note is Required when Returning to School
When a student has been absent for any reason, a note from home is required on the day the student returns to school. This note should include the student's name, grade, date of the note, date (s) of the absence, reasons for the absence, and signature of parent or guardian

Tardiness is defined as any arrival of a student after the time scheduled for classes or school to begin. Student tardiness will be handled according to procedures and/or rules established by each school.

Make-up of School Work Missed During an Absence
Students are allowed the number of days missed plus one in which he/she is responsible to make up all work missed during the absence.

Loss of Driving Privileges Due to Absences
A license or instruction permit to operate a motor vehicle will be denied or revoked from any student younger than eighteen (18) years of age who withdraws from school or incursmore than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) total unexcused absences during the school year. This student is subject to losing privilege by virtue of West Virginia Code 18-8-11. A student whose driving privilege has been suspended must attend school regularly with less than five (5) unexcused absences in the subsequent semester before applying for reinstatement of driving privileges.

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Absence is Excusable for Specific Reasons

  • Failure of the bus to run/hazardous conditions

  • School approved curricular, co-curricular & extracurricular activities

  • Leaves of educational value with prior approval of the school principal not to exceed (5) days

  • Illness of the student as verified by the parent or guardian not to exceed five (5) days per semester. Verification by a physician is required when the absences exceed (3) consecutive days.

  • Homebound Instruction

  • Observances of religious holidays

  • Serious illnesses or death in the immediate family of the student

  • Calamity such as fire in the home or flood

  • Legal obligations with verification

  • Illness or injury of the of the student requiring physician's verification