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Ali Judy, 9th-12th School Counselor


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Marsha Keller, 7th/8th School Counselor


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Graduation Requirements

Pendleton County High School Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2022 and After

9th Grade

  • English 9

  • World Studies

  • Algebra I or Algebra I & Support

  • Earth and Space Science

  • Physical Education

  • One Fine Arts Elective

10th Grade

  • English 10

  • US Studies

  • Geometry

  • Biology

  • Health

11th Grade

  • English 11 or AP Literature

  • Contemporary Studies

  • Algebra II or Advanced Math Modeling 

  • Additional Lab Science*

12th Grade

  • English 12, Transitional Senior English or College English

  • Civics

  • Senior Math*

Four additional electives (Minimum of 22 credits needed)

**Fine Arts: Art, Photography, Guitar, Piano, Theater, Band, Chorus, Music Appreciation

*Senior Math Options (Not required if you already have four math credits) College Transitional Math, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus

*Additional Lab Sciences: Chemistry, Forensic Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry



College Foundation of West Virginia

This is a great site for 7th – 12th grade students. It has tools to help with planning for high school, careers, college and financial aid.

ACT Website

SAT Website


This is a complete overview of Pendleton County High School Scholarships. Students may download the following document for a personal list of scholarship information.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some deadlines & applications are still being added.

Please check back frequently for confirmation.

Cheryl Dahmer Mills Memorial

Primary consideration will be given to a student enrolled in an accredited college pursing a degree in the field of education.  Applicant should rank in the upper ¼ of the graduating class.  (Deadline March 31, 2021)

Leo Slusher Award

Students pursuing education at a college / university or trade school.  Consideration will be given to the student’s interest / participation in athletics, community service involvement, and academic record in good standing. (Deadline March 31, 2021)



Jason S. Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Students who plan to pursue a college education.  Consideration will be given to the student’s extracurricular activities at school and in the community. (Deadline March 31, 2021)

James "Jim" Bailey Scholarship

Students planning to enroll in a one or two year vocational or technical school, GPA of at least 2.5; have a financial need; good attendance and have participated in community service.  (Deadline April 15, 2021)

Pilgrim's CCP Team Scholarship

Student must have a parent who is an employee or grower for Moorefield Pilgrims.  (Deadline April 15, 2021)

South Fork Ruritan Scholarship

Student must be a South Fork resident enrolled in a post-secondary institution.  (Deadline April 15, 2021)


Pendleton Community Bank Scholarship

Students who plan to pursue a career in Business, Accounting or Finance. (Deadline April 16, 2021)

Par Mar Stores Scholarship

Students who plan to enroll in college or a technical school full-time to earn a degree or certificate. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

PB&J Scholarship

Students planning to attend a 2 or 4-year college.  Interested in those who have experienced challenges in their life and have a drive to succeed.  (Deadline May 31, 2021)

American Legion Post 30

Student must be a descendant of a veteran, pursuing a degree from a college or technical school. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

Eastern WV Community & Technical College

Student should plan to attend Eastern full-time and have a GPA of 2.5 after 1st semester of senior year. (Deadline April 23, 2021)

Grant Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

Students planning to pursue careers in medical fields and have a GPA of 3.0 or above. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

Grant Memorial Hospital

Students planning to pursue a healthcare related career through a college/university.  (Deadline May 3, 2021)



H.Pink Bowers Memorial Scholarship

Primary consideration is student-pursuing degree in the field of education.  May also consider those pursuing a degree in the medical or health related field, ranked in the upper ¼ of the class. (Deadline May 1, 2021)

Larkin Ours Scholarship

Student must be entering into a WV certified nursing (RN) program.  Must have 3.5 minimum GPA. (Deadline April 23, 2021)

National Wild Turkey Federation

Student should have a current hunting license and be a NWTF member. (Deadline March 31,2021)

Pendleton Community Care Scholarship

Student pursuing a degree in a medical field of study (i.e. medicine, nurse, pharmacy, etc.). (Deadline April 7, 2021)

Pendleton Co. Committee for the Arts

Student must be ranked in top ½ of the class, plans to attend post-secondary school full-time with a major, minor or concentration in the arts (broadened to include journalism, creative writing), and have demonstrated proficiency / talent in any of the arts.  (Deadline April 27, 2021)

Pendleton Co. Emergency Rescue

Student enrolling in a four-year college or two year technical center. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

Pendleton Co. Fire Association 

Student enrolling in a four-year college or two year technical center, have a family member in the fire department (April 10, 2021)

Pendleton Manor Scholarship

Student pursuing a career in nursing, ranked in top ½ of the class. (Deadline May 1, 2021)




St. John's Academy Scholarship

Student must be a descendant of a graduate from the academy which was in Petersburg from 1921 – 1933.  They have a book with names of all of those who attended, if you would like to check. (Deadline April 30, 2021)




SKSRT Anual Scholarship

Parent / Legal Guardian must be members of Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone, Student must be ranked in upper 1/3 of the class and be accepted as full-time student in post-secondary school.  (Deadline April 20, 2021)

South Branch Ruritan Club Scholarship

Student must be a Upper Tract/Franklin area resident and pursuing degree from college or technical school. 

(Deadline April 30, 2021)



WV Professional Educators

Students pursing a degree in the field of education. (Deadline TBD)

Shentel Foundation Scholarship

Student from Pendleton or Grant County who plans to attend Eastern WV Community and Technical College and has a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average. (Deadline June 1, 2021)


Pendleton County Emergency Rescue Associate Scholarship

This scholarship is open to any PCHS senior that is a member of PCER or is a child, step-child, or foster child of a PCER member. (Deadline April 30, 2021)

Athletic Scholarships

(Deadlines TBD)

Pete Botkin - Planning to attend WVU

Kristi Jones - Female athlete

Guy Propst 


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