The Pendleton County Board of Education is pleased to announce that a donor who wishes to remain anonymous has agreed to donate $750,000 to the Board of Education to be designated for the purchase of the building known as the Lovegrove Building in Franklin to be used for new Board offices. The Board is entering into two contracts with Pendleton Culture & Learning Center, LLC, to purchase the building for the total of $750,000, and Pendleton Culture & Learning Center, LLC is donating the remaining value of the building ($775,000) to the Board of Education. Thanks to these two donors, the Board will be able to obtain the building at minimal cost to the school’s district including attorney fees and other closing expenses. The Board will begin planning renovations of the building for administrative and support staff providing a centralized meeting and training location with hopes of opening doors late summer. The Pendleton County Board of Education is grateful to the Pendleton Culture & Learning Center and the other anonymous donor for the benefit this will provide.